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IDMatchsm Identity Verification

In addition to verification of name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number, Veratad offers a suite of ID verification tools that include Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA), 2Factor Authentication, Document Validation and Location Verification; all can be implemented as an optional layer of security to assure your customer is who they say they are.


IDMatch+PLUSsm Identity Verification

IDMatch+PLUS is Veratad’s IDMatch Solution with an added layer of consumer challenge that includes our multiple choice “out of wallet” challenge questions and our User-Defined Knowledge-Based Challenge Questions. These non-intrusive questions are easily deployed when you need an enhanced authentication solution. Our questions are designed to prevent fraud and identity theft while meeting compliance requirements and enhancing customer experience.


Compliance Solutions

Veratad also offers a comprehensive suite of online compliance tools designed to address FTC and Bank Regulatory requirements regarding Red Flags Rule (Identity Theft Prevention Program) as well as online software for financial institutions that addresses IT GLB Compliance.Our solutions also address the identity requirements of COPPA, Know Your Customer (KYC), USA PATRIOT Act, AML, OFAC, HIPAA and FFIEC Guidance for Internet Banking